Are you interested in discovering and building ways to improve the way we grow food and feed our community?

Agriculture is a booming industry right now, specifically within the robotics field, with a trajectory of tremendous job growth over the next decade. Students in this pathway will study robotic and agriculture and specifically how the robotics industry is being used in modern agriculture. Students in this pathway will obtain industry aligned certifications.

Through the application of skills specific to robotics and agricultural science students will also have the opportunity to meet grade level and subject specific standards in a self-paced applied learning environment. Students in this pathway will ultimately be able to obtain a registered apprenticeship and a high school diploma.

Skills learned

  • Build a foundation of knowledge in animal science from animal behavior to genetics and health and learn how this knowledge applies to today’s livestock industries
  • Build a foundation of knowledge in plant and crop science from the basics of plant growth to the complexities of soil and horticulture
  • Understand current issues and regulatory hurdles related to these fields and discover career pathways into agricultural fields that interest you

Career Options & Salary Range

The wonderful thing about this field is that you have an array of career options to consider. Whether you want to dive right in after high school, or continue on to get your doctorate degree you’ll hopefully find a path that you are passionate about. Below are some careers that might be open to you if you pursue Robotics and Agriculture Science at the Innovation Center.

High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Farmworker and Laborer
  • Floral Design
  • Landscaping and Groundskeeping Worker

Average Salary:

Vocational Training, Related On-the-Job Experience, or Associate Degree

  • Vet Tech
  • Ag Inspector
  • Diesel Mechanic

Average Salary:

Associate Degree

  • Veterinary Assistant and Technician
  • Food Science Technician
  • Agri Business

Average Salary:

Bachelor's Degree

  • Animal Scientist
  • Forester
  • Food Scientist
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Ag Engineer
  • Ag Econ, Ag Hort

Average Salary:

Bachelor's and Advanced Degrees

  • Soil and Plant Scientist
  • Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist
  • Veterinarian

Average Salary: