Students at the Innovation Center can participate in any of the sports and activities offered at West Valley School District.

Skills USA

Similar to ASB, Skills USA operates to provide activities and events for students and to promote a positive school culture.

Skills USA offers both free and fee-based activities that may be planned by the class officers, a club, or a team.

If you have questions regarding fundraising, student events, recommendations for activities, or general Skills USA questions, please contact Jessica Stewart.

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Jessica Stewart - Career Guidance Counselor

Activities & Clubs

Students enrolled at the Innovation Center are encouraged to join clubs throughout the school district based on their grade level.

Innovation Center Activities and Clubs:

Club Contact
Ignite Mrs. Khan

*Some activities and clubs at the high school are held during school hours. Please check with the advisor to find out when club meetings are held. Any activities or clubs held during the school day are, unfortunately, unavailable to students enrolled at the Innovation Center due to scheduling conflicts.


We believe athletics helps students grow and thrive both in and out of the classroom and Innovation Center students are encouraged to participate in sports at the High School or Mid-Level Campus depending on their grade level.