Students Microsoft Certification Journey to Success

Jan 30, 2024

Students Microsoft Certification Journey to Success

At WVSD, students can acquire Microsoft Certifications, enhancing their digital

proficiency and employability. These certifications span from essential Microsoft Office

applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, to specialized ones like Word

Expert, Excel Expert, and Access. West Valley students from grades 7 to 12 are eligible to pursue these certifications, providing a comprehensive and age-appropriate pathway for skill


WVSD has consistently demonstrated excellence in this endeavor, regularly securing a position among the top three districts in the state. Even in a highly competitive landscape, the district achieved a commendable ranking within the top 20 last year. These industry-recognized certifications serve as powerful credentials, significantly boosting students' job prospects.

“It’s a competitive job market for students after they graduate,” says Superintendent Dr. Peter Finch. “We’re proud to be able to give our students a strong foundation to help them stand out amongst their peers.”

Beyond mere certification, the skills acquired are directly applicable to academic pursuits, college endeavors, and future careers. Students learn to format documents, create professional and technical content, build intricate spreadsheets and databases, and craft compelling presentations. As students graduate equipped with these certifications, they enter the workforce with a distinct advantage. Mastery of these skills not only demonstrates versatility but also underscores professionalism.

“I feel more confident looking for a job knowing that I have these marketable skills to offer potential employers,” says Daryl Leonard, a WVSD senior planning to graduate this spring.

The combination of industry certification and practical skills positions WVSD students as competitive and capable contributors in the dynamic landscape of the modern workforce.